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We have a blog!

There is so much that goes on behind the scenes when planning a show. A lot of it is paperwork, creating documents, fliers, and organizing and reorganizing. But some of what we do is also creative, social, or sewing related. As the show get closer, we crank up the work, fine-tuning, re-evaluating, debating, and sewing. We thought that this blog could be an opportunity to share some of what goes on behind the scenes. Well, not the documents and organizing - that's not so fun. But sewing? Fun!! Showing off our raffle quilt? Fun!!!

Recently, one of our fearless Co-Chairs, Karen Yee, and a team of volunteers spent a weekend at the Bluemont Fair. They had our big, beautiful raffle quilt on display, along with the Singer Featherweight machine. They had a spot just inside the gate which made for a very busy weekend, selling tickets to many passersby who could not resist the bright colors of the "Rainbow Hosta" or the draw of a perfect antique sewing machine!

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