It takes an army of volunteers to put together a quilt show! While every single person who donates their time is invaluable, these are the core committee members who make the big decisions that create a successful show. Without their willingness to take on these big jobs (and many smaller ones, too), we would not be able to have such a wonderful quilt show that is constantly moving forward and improving.


During the 2022 show, we had a total of 132 jobs completed by 87 volunteers over a 4-day time period. They helped with everything, from setting up the quilt frames, hanging quilts, setting up the artisan booth, being a docent, greeting attendees, and putting up signs. These volunteers are members of the participating quilt groups, family members, and friends. Each and every person is greatly appreciated by the core committee.

2022 Core Committee

  • Co-Chairs: Karen Yee and Sharon Rezin

  • Treasurer: Karen Yee

  • Secretary: Linda Suter

  • Registration: Barbara Corey & Alicia Stoltzfus

  • Webmaster: Alicia Stoltzfus & Sharon Rezin

  • Publicity: Barbara Corey

  • Vendors: Kathleen O’Dell & Diane Hearne

  • Advertising: Alicia Stoltzfus 

  • Raffle Quilt: Elaine Breiner

  • Program: Pam Lakin

  • Demonstrations: Donna Hinze 

  • Volunteer Coordinator: Darlene Hawke

  • Curators: Sharon Rezin, Darlene Hawke, and Diana Angelero

  • Door Prizes: Carol Oliveri & Mary DeMott

  • Ribbons: Karen Ames

  • Members At-Large: Loretta McDonald, Eileen Wall, Brenda Goodwin, Karen Ames