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It is no secret that quilters love challenges. Well, some might have a love-hate relationship with them, depending on what the parameters of the challenge might be. As a whole, it is fun to figure out how to use mere fabric and your own creativity to rise to the challenge. Every year, the show committee brainstorms and comes up with a theme for the show. Our challenge to the quilting community is to make a quilt that embodies that theme. While we don't have pictures of the quilt shows prior to 2009, we do have a list of the themes. 

Challenges and Themes of the Past

1995 - Blue Ridge Mountain Quilt displayed and raffled  

1996 - Birds of a Feather Flock Together 

1998 - Home Sweet Home 

2000 - Old is New – A Quilt Show for the Millennium

2002 - It’s A Small World

2004 - ?

2006 - When Life Gives You Scraps...Make a Quilt

2007 - Quilts, the Fabric of Our Lives

2008 - The Thirties Look: Old and New

2009 - The Valley in Bloom

2011 - Log Cabin Fever

2013 - The Civil War Remembered

2015 - Batiks, Batiks, Batiks

2017 - Block Party

2019 - All Creatures Great and Small

2022 - Grow Me A Garden

2024 - My Favorite Color is Plaid

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