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  • Why should I go to a quilt show? I don’t want to buy one.
    A quilt show is like an art show, rather than using acrylics, clay or oils, quilters use fabric and some really awesome tools. In a quilt show you will see bed-sized quilts, miniature quilts...quilts of all sizes! You will also see art quilts, these are quilts that can look as realistic as a photograph or be a figment of imagination or something that has inspired the quilter. However, all items in the show have the same thing in common. They will prompt you to lean in to take a closer look and hopefully you will realize that quilting is an amazing art.
  • What are the categories for the 2024 show?
    Show Challenge - any quilted item, regardless of size, that is based on the current year’s theme. Group Challenge - this category is for our four Supporting Groups. Each group presents their members with a specific challenge. General Entries - this is everything else that does not fit into the two categories above. Big bed sized quilts, miniature quilts, modern, wall hangings, lap quilts, baby quilts… if it’s quilted, we want them!
  • Will there be ribbons awarded?
    Yes! In addition to the categories above, there will be a Best in Show for the quilt with the most viewers votes overall and there will be a Committee Choice ribbon.
  • How do I register online and what do I need?
    Registration will open from January 1 - February 10, 2024. Registration is online only and is accessed through a link on the home page of this website. Please be aware that the online registration may not be supported by all smart phones and devices, you may need to use a regular computer to register. Additionally, space (especially for large quilts) is limited. Your quilt does not need to be complete in order to register. If your quilt top is finished and you are certain that it will be quilted, bound, and have a hanging sleeve by April 11, 2024, by all means...take a picture of it and get it registered!
  • What information is required for registration?
    1. Your name, address, phone number and email. 2. A full-view photo of your quilt showing it in its full glory, side to side and top to bottom. (See below for more information on the photo requirements!) 3. Size of your completed quilt in width and length 4. Show entry category. 5. If the quilt is not your original design, then we require the pattern name or designer. 6. If you did not do the quilting, then we require the name of the person who did it for you. 7. Short paragraph about your quilt. We may need to edit this for length.
  • Do I need a label on the back of my quilt and what information does it need to have?
    Yes! Each and every quilt must have your name, phone number, and name of the quilt on the back, lower-left corner. If your permanent label is elsewhere on your quilt, please attach a temporary label to the back, lower-left corner.
  • How do I attach a temporary hanging sleeve to my quilt?
    We have comprehensive directions here on how to attach a hanging sleeve without damaging your quilt.
  • Why do I need to submit a photo?
    It may not seem like it, but a photo is a very important part of your registration. The show curator will use these photographs to decide how to hang all of the quilts in the most eye-catching and complimentary way possible. If we are not able to see the entire quilt, you will be emailed requesting a photo re-take. Photos need to be emailed to See the next question for more information about photos.
  • What are the photo requirements?
    1. The photo must be taken of your completed quilt. We must be able to see the entire quilt from top to bottom and side to side! Yes, we want to see all four corners! Therefore, do not send us a photo of a stack of fabric with the pattern, quilts laying on a bed or the floor, draped over a chair, etc. Grab a few friends or neighbors and have them hold it up for you, if necessary. Just remember: we must see the entire quilt hanging flat! 2. Please make sure that the photo is clear! Prop your hands on something to help keep your camera steady. 3. Make sure you are standing directly in front of the quilt so that you can see all four edges of the quilt in your viewfinder and that no part of the quilt is covered by a shrub, furniture, or adorable pet. 4. Make sure that you have good lighting so that we can see the colors and design clearly. 5. One photo per item entered!
  • How do I send my picture?
    Make sure your photo is saved as a .jpeg. Attach the photo to an email with the title of your quilt and your name in the subject line. Send the email to our registrar at Contact the registrar if you are having difficulty sending your picture.
  • What will I be voting for?
    What will I be voting for? 1. One vote for a Show Challenge entry. 2. One vote for each Group Challenge entry (Total of 4 votes). 3. One vote for a General entry.
  • How do I vote?
    You will receive a ballot with your program when you come to the show. The ballot box will be located in the exhibit hall. Voting will take place on Friday and Saturday. If you come both days you will only vote once. Show volunteers wearing aprons will be there to assist you if you have questions.
  • What if I want to sell my quilt?
    Check the box on the registration form and you will be emailed with information and instructions.
Updated 12/2021
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