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We Stand with Ukraine

Updated: Apr 26, 2022

Here at the NSVQS, we are horrified by the attack on Ukraine and our hearts break for all of the people. Quilters, as a whole, are giving people. After all, you can't keep all of the quilts that you make, so you give them away. So, when we see a situation where there are people hurting, be it from fire, tornado, earthquake, hurricane, or right now, war, we ask, "how can we help from so far away?" We know that there are so many organizations where you can donate but sometimes, we wonder how much difference our donation will actually make or what it will really contribute to. Linda, a long-time committee member, has family and friends in the Ukraine who she is desperately worried about. She put together some ways that you can help the children, hospitals, refugees, and animals of Ukraine whether it is by sewing, directly donating, or both.


Quilters can help Ukrainian refugees who are fleeing war-torn Ukraine by making one or more 8-1/2-inch quilt blocks of blue and yellow. These are the colors of Ukraine and are displayed proudly on the national flag. The blue represents the blue sky and the golden yellow represents the fields of golden wheat. Over time, the yellow has also come to represent the sunflower, of which Ukraine is a major global supplier of sunflower seeds.

Claudia Pfeil, an internationally renowned quilter of Germany, is asking quilters across the world to send the blocks to her, and she and her team will make them into as many quilts as possible. She will donate them to the Ukrainian refugees. Her website is

Mail the 8-1/2-inch square blue and yellow blocks to Claudia at:

Claudia Pfeil

Quilt Studio and Galerie Alte Brotfabrik

Ritterstrasse 183

47805 Krefeld/Germany


Pat Sloan, a popular quilt designer here in the US, has teamed up with Aurifil. She has designed the quilt block in the photo above. You can purchase the pattern for it with all of the money going directly to UNICEF in Ukraine, which will help the children there. Please watch Pat's video, in which she explains why she was inspired to design this block. Links to the video and the UNICEF fundraiser are found on Aurifil's website: for Ukraine – auribuzz


Razom is a US based 501-c3 non-profit organization founded in 2014. Their priority is to provide desperately needed medical supplies to hospitals and clinics who are in short supply of many items. They will also be offering humanitarian aid for refugees who fled from the cities and went to smaller villages and to people who are homeless due to the shelling.


IFAW (International Fund for Animal Welfare) is a global nonprofit who is in partnership with animal shelters in Ukraine. They provide funds and critically needed assistance to the animals of Ukraine, from zoos to pets to farm animals. They have helped the animals of Ukraine in the past and they are there again to assist. The animal welfare workers and organizations desperately need funds to provide shelter, safety, and food for the animals that were left behind.

Thank you for caring.

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