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2024 Rules and Regulations

These entry rules are to be kept and adhered to by each entrant.


The Theme of the 2024 Northern Shenandoah Valley Quilt Show (NSVQS) is “My Favorite Color is Plaid!”.

Any interpretation of the theme may be entered in this special category.  

Quilts of any theme may be entered in the general category or as a group challenge if you are a group member. 



  1. Registration is open January 1 – February 10, 2024. All entries and emailed pictures must be received by the deadline.

  2. Registration is to be completed online. A link to the form will be on the home page on January 1, 2024.

  3. Quilts previously entered into the NSVQS will not be accepted.

  4. All quilts entered must have been completed within the last five years.

  5. You may enter up to 5 quilts.

  6. The number of large bed quilts may be limited due to the size our exhibit space. Quilts will be accepted on a first come first serve basis. 

  7. Only loose, folded quilts may be entered. No items framed, mounted or on stretcher bars will be accepted due to exhibit limitations.

  8. A four-inch (4”) sleeve must be attached to the back of each quilt so that it may be hung properly for display.  Click here for comprehensive instructions on how to make a quilt sleeve.

  9.  Each quilt must have the entrant’s name, phone number, and name of the quilt on the back, lower-left corner. If your permanent label is elsewhere on your quilt, please attach a temporary label with the requested information on the back, lower-left corner.

  10. A picture of your registered item(s) must include a completed quilt top or item. Photos of fabric choices and the pattern to be used are not acceptable. Photos must be taken of the quilt hanging flat, showing the entire quilt from side to side and top to bottom. A .jpeg must be emailed to the registrar at with the quilt title and your name in the subject box.  The registrar should receive one email for each registered item.

Selling your quilt: If you would like to have your quilt for sale please indicate so on the registration form. You will be emailed additional information after your registration has been received.

Drop off and Pick-up of quilt entries:


The Clark County Parks and Recreation Center is located at 225 Al Smith Circle, Berryville, VA.


  1. You must drop off your items at the Clark County Parks and Recreation Center (CCPRC) on Thursday, April 11 between the hours of 9:30 A.M. and 11:30 A.M.  Your items will be signed in, tagged, and a receipt for each item will be given to the person bringing in the items. You must keep these receipts, as you must have them in order to have your items returned to you when you pick them up on Sunday.

  2. To make the process faster once you arrive, please have your quilt folded with the BACK out, corner on top, so that your label is showing.

  3.  You must pick up your items at the CCPRC between 4:45 P.M. and 5:30 P.M. on Sunday, April 14. Every effort will be made to have all quilts available for pick-up by 4:45 P.M. Please trust that our volunteers will be preparing them as quickly as possible for pickup, but it is possible that you may have a short wait. We greatly appreciate patience from all participants!

  4. When picking up your items please have your receipt ready that you were given at registration on Thursday. They are proof of ownership and are required when picking up your items. No items will be released without the receipt!

  5. You must sign for each item that you pick up. If you are personally not able to pick up your items, please inform us at the time of drop off and make sure your representative has your receipt or your items will not be released.



Please see our FAQ page for more important details regarding the show rules.

              Want to print out the information? We like your attention to detail! Click the buttons below for a print-friendly PDF.

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