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APRIL 12, 13, 14, 2024

Friday 10-5                           Saturday 10-5                        Sunday 10-4

Before you figure out what you are going to do at our show, how about directions to where we are located?

You will find us at the Clarke County Parks and Rec Center, 225 Al Smith Circle,  Berryville, Virginia. There will be a big flag at the entrance to the park that proclaims, "Quilt Show Today!"

**Please note that on Saturday, downtown Berryville will be hosting "The Big Flea", so you may want to plan accordingly! 

Now for the fun! When you come into the building, your first stop will be to chat with our friendly volunteers. Admission is $10 to help cover the cost of having the show. Volunteers will point out our gorgeous raffle quilt and give you a program which has a handy-dandy map inside, because this year we have the entire building! And if you are lucky, they might hand you a door prize from one of our generous donors! The wristband that you are given will admit you into the show all three days, so feel free to take your time!

All three days, talented members of our supporting groups as well as a few vendors will be demonstrating fun techniques or patterns that you may have been curious about. The schedule is posted here and it will be on Facebook before the show. The schedule will also be in the program that you receive at the show. Additionally, there will be Quilts of Valor awarding every day and a special presentation featuring Margie Hockman on Saturday and Sunday. Check the schedule for times!

Of course, you will be spending a lot of time visually devouring the quilts. After all, they do feed our creative souls! As you are looking at the hundreds of quilts (it's the first time we can say that so bear with us!), we just know that there will be some that just make your jaw drop and heart go pitter-patter. If you are visiting us on Friday or Saturday, please take the ballot out of your program and VOTE! Then make sure that you come back on Sunday to see the lucky winners! They will be easy to spot......the quilts will be sporting handmade ribbons made by our talented ribbon committee. This year over forty of the quilts on display will have a notation that they are available for sale. The ladies at the Thinning the Herd booth will be happy to help if you are interested in purchasing a quilt.

We are so excited to have many new vendors at our show this year! They will have everything from fabric to handy tools, embellishments, patterns, yarn, accessories, beautiful wood quilt blocks, and oodles of handmade quilts. As a bonus, you can get your scissors and knives sharpened while you're here! Follow our Facebook page to see our Vendor of the Day!

A few more things worth mentioning.... make sure you stop at the Community Service table, the ladies there will be happy to tell you why they love being in one of the supporting groups that present this show to you. They will also tell you how their groups give back to our community - that is part of our mission! Our Artisan Boutique has handmade items donated by the supporting groups and the Dorcas Quilters will have a small quilt frame set up to demonstrate the art of hand-quilting. Check it out! 


In case you get hungry, the Patchwork Cafe has lunch available! Additionally, quaint downtown Berryville is nearby and there are a lot of wonderful restaurants to choose from. (Keep in mind that Saturday it will be busy downtown.) You can renter the show by displaying your armband.

We are so happy that you are coming to spend part of your day with us, and we sincerely hope that you have a wonderful time. If you have any questions while at the show, look for someone wearing a bright green apron. We are happy to assist!

Like and follow us on Facebook for updates and photos from the show. Posts will be made daily!


At the Show

Are you excited? We are! 

After 18 months of planning, the show is finally here! (Can you hear the committee cheering?)

So, what are you going to do while at the show?  We have some ideas for you....


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