PLEASE NOTE: Each of the quilted creations featured on this website are original works of art. Pictures of quilts recognized here may not be used for any purpose except with written permission of the quilt maker.

The 2015 Northern Shenandoah Valley Quilt Show – Batiks, Batiks, Batiks Theme

Best of Show and Viewer’s Choice Winners in each of the categories are as follows:

Viewers Choice - Nancy Sybert - My Flower Garden


Best in Show – My flower Garden
by Nancy Sybert










Show Challenge 1 - Sue Hickman - Fern Grotto - Wailua River Falls HI - Kayaking Hawaii


Show Challenge – 1st Place
Fern Grotto –
Wailua River Falls, Hawaii –
Kayaking Kauai
by Sue Hickman








Show Challenge 2 - Carol Lentz - Whirl Wind


Show Challenge – 2nd Place
Whirl Wind
by Carol Lentz









Show Challenge 3 - Margaret Kennedy - Chain of Events


Show Challenge – 3rd Place
Chain of Events
by Margaret Kennedy










Two NEW Categories in 2015: Art and Modern Quilts
(Definitions of what makes a quilt an Art Quilt or Modern Quilt can be found under “Resources” on the Home Page)

Art 1 - Sue Hickman - Fractured Floral 9


Art Quilts – 1st Place
Fractured Floral #9
by Sue Hickman









Art 2 - Carol Lentz - Lynns Tulips



Art Quilts – 2nd Place
Floral Cutwork
by Nancy Sybert









Art 3 - Joyce Badanes - The Butterfly 4


Art Quilts – 3rd Place
The Butterfly #4
by Joyce Badanes









Modern 1 - Carol Lentz - 12-20


Modern Quilts – 1st Place
by Carol Lentz









Modern 2 - Sue Hickman - Shuffling Hexagons


Modern Quilts – 2nd Place
Shuffling Hexagons
by Sue Hickman









Modern 3 - Margaret Kennedy - Color Wheel Log Cabin


Modern Quilts – 3rd Place
Color Wheel Log Cabin
by Margaret Kennedy









Baby 1 - Sue Hickman - I Spy With My Little Eye


Baby Quilts – 1st Place
I Spy With My Little Eye
by Sue Hickman








Baby 2 - Chieko McDowell - Gracies Garden


Baby Quilts – 2nd Place
Gracie’s Garden
by Chieko Mcdowell









Baby 3 - Mary Demott - Ragamuffin


Baby Quilts – 3rd Place
by Mary DeMott









Bed 1 - Bessie Bartley - Trip Around KY


Bed Quilts – 1st Place
Trip Around KY
by Bessie Bartley









Bed 2 - Dnona Kowalczyk - Vintage Rouge


Bed Quilts – 2nd Place
Vintage Rouge
by Donna Kowalczyk









Bed 3 - Lynne Comstock - Love Letters


Bed Quilts – 3rd Place
Love Letters
by Lynne Comstock








Lap Quilt 1 - Karen Yee - Sawtooth Cats


Lap Quilts – 1st Place
Sawtooth Cats
by Karen Yee









Lap Quilt 2 - Mary DeMott - Mary Mary Quite Contrary


Lap Quilts – 2nd Place
Mary Mary Quite Contrary
by Mary DeMott









Lap 3 - Donna Robertson - In Memory of C.W.T.


Lap Quilts – 3rd Place
In Memory of C.W.T.
by Donna Robertson










Miniature 1 - Irene SUllivan - Tropical Aviary


Miniature Quilts – 1st Place
Tropical Aviary
by Irene Sullivan











Miniature 2 - Mary DeMott - Fiesta Stars


Miniature Quilts – 2nd Place
Fiesta Stars
by Mary DeMott










Miniature 3 - Maureen Wysopal - Pinwheel Garden


Miniature Quilts – 3rd Place
Pinwheel Garden
by Maureen Wysopal









Wall Quilt 1 - Anne Guerin Williams - Island Sunset 

Wall Quilts – 1st Place
Island Sunset
Anne Guerin-Williams









Wall Quilt 2 - Bessie Bartley - The Village Green


Wall Quilts – 2nd Place
The Village Green
by Bessie Bartley










Wall Quilt 3 - Antoinette Metivier - Postcards from the Past


Wall Quilts – 3rd Place
Postcards From the Past
by Antoinette Metivier










Wearable 1 - Carol Hobbs - Embroidered Shawl


Wearable Art – 1st Place
Embroidered Shawl
by Carol Hobbs









Wearable 2 - Marcy Offerdahl - Dazzling Sweatshirt


Wearable Art – 2nd Place
Dazzling Sweatshirt
by Marcy Offerdahl










Wearable 3 - Marcy Offerdahl - The Royal Cat Family


Wearable Art – 3rd Place
The Royal Cat Family
by Marcy Offerdahl










Other 1 - Carol Hobbs - Seven Sisters 

Other – 1st Place
Seven Sisters
by Carol Hobbs









Other 2 - Nancy Sybert - Floral Cutwork 

Other – 2nd Place
Floral Cutwork
by Nancy Sybert










Other 3 - Sue Hickman - T.O.M. A Colorful Year - A Technique Teaching Quilt


Other – 3rd Place
A Colorful Year
(A Technique Teaching Sampler Quilt)
by Sue Hickman










Sponsoring Club Challenges

Apple Valley Needle Threaders

AVNT 1 - Carol Lentz - RFD


1st Place
by Carol Lentz










AVNT 2 - Mary DeMott - Purple Haze 

2nd Place
Purple Haze
by Mary DeMott










AVNT 3 - Ann Kovalchick - Batik Fantasy


3rd Place
Batik Fantasy
by Ann Kovalchick









Shenandoah Piecemakers

Piecemakers 1 - Irene Sullivan - Window Dressing


1st Place
Window Dressing
by Irene Sullivan




Piecemakers 2 - Carol Oliveri - Through Rose Colored Glasses

2nd Place
Through Rose Colored Glasses
by Carol Oliveri








Piecemakers 3 - Janet Crider - Pink Hexies


3rd Place
Pink Hexies
by Janet Crider








Skyline Quilters’ Guild

Skyline 1 - Polly Stout - Chenille Butterfly Flutter


1st Place
Chenille Butterfly Flutter
by Polly Stout








Skyline 2 - Susan Kadel-Fehr - Batik Cranes


2nd Place
Batik Cranes
by Susan Kadel-Fehr










Skyline 3 - Kathleen ODell - Tuscany Tote


3rd Place
Tuscany Tote
by Kathleen O’Dell









2015 NSV Quilt Show Raffle Quilt – Everyone’s Choice
2015 NSVQS Raffle Quilt


Won by Sherry Newcombe
of Strasburg, Va











Congratulations to all this year’s winners!