PLEASE NOTE: Each of the quilted creations featured on this website are original works of art. Pictures of quilts recognized here may not be used for any purpose except with written permission of the quilt maker.

The 2009 Northern Shenandoah Valley Quilt Show Viewer Choice Winners

2009 NSV Quilt Show

Best in Show – A World of Santa’s

Susan Dicks, a member of the Apple Valley Needle Threaders

This “Quilt-of-the-Month” pattern came from a quilt shop in Hyannis, MA. It depicts 12 different Santas from 12 different countries, mainly Europe and the U.S. Susan spent three years doing the appliqué and piecing, then sent it to Jamie Wallen of Kalamazoo, Michigan for quilting. After the NSV Quilt Show, this quilt went on to earn two ribbons at the Cumberland, MD juried show. It was a blue ribbon for “Best Machine Quilting” and a yellow ribbon for third place in the mixed techniques category.

Challenge Quilt / The Valley in Bloom

Birds, Blooms, and Butterflies – a Shenandoah Piecemakers Challenge
Pieced and Finished by Sue Hickman
Long Arm Quilted by Christie Dillon

Wearable Art

Maggie Fraiser – Crazy Quilt Vest

Baby Quilts

Jamie Crowe – Grandma’s Bunnies

Miniature Quilts

Linda Hammond – Pink Compass

Other Category

Karen Yee – “This Bag’s A Hoot”

Committee’s Choice – Bed Quilt

Josephine Millett – “Jo’s Flower Garden Grew”

Wall Quilts

Patricia Mullet – A Walk On North Mountain (picture not yet available)